Gabriel T.K. Camacho

Worcester, MA 01609



Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Worcester, MA

Candidate for BS in Computer Science, May 2023

Software Projects

Major Qualifying Project Web app simulation classroom interactions of students and teachers, working with other students to create a front end to render sprites, rooms and interactive UI.

Bowling Scorekeeper React App deployed on Vercel connecting to MongoDB API which allows scoring and recording of bowling games.

Aim Trainer Web App A demo utilizing MongoDB, Express, & NodeJS to have users practice mouse coordination and show highscores on a leaderboard. The CSS was not done by me.

Catan Board Generator & Analysis Generates balanced boards & keeps data on initial settlements. Analysis page offers graphs on success of initial placements. Part of a larger site for testing web development & design.

Login App A demo utilizing MongoDB, Express, & NodeJS to create users and store data for a particular user.

TODO App A demo using the PERN stack exploring React and database querying.

Space Themed Visual Novel A demo using the PERN stack exploring React and database querying.

Q-Learn Gridworld Project during Introduction to AI. Teaching an agent to navigate a gridworld to find optimal solutions from starting location to a terminal state.

Personal Website Designing a unique website which is also easy to navigate. Plans to update it with better accessibility, new design & development methods in mind.

Godot Game Demo Demo includes animated sprites & tilemaps. Allows for player and npc movement with collision handling.

Work Experience

Interactive Qualifying Project Study abroad in Lyon, France. Worked with SINGA Lyon, an organization created to welcome migrants and refugees into France. Specifically, research in development for an alumni network for SINGA’s Entrepreneurial Incubation program.

Southampton Meadow Club Worked in restaurant & hotel. Gained knowledge in restaurant & hotel management through working with superiors. (Summer 2020 & 2021)

IT Intern at Southampton Town Hall Worked on ArcGIS, inputting data for street intersections. Solved common technical issues in the office, mainly networking and fixing connections to the server. (Summer 2016)

Other Experience

Music Technology Familiar with digital signal processing hardware and software. Constructed guitars & pedals. Studied music theory, technology, & production through college courses & independently.

Music/Audio Production Writing, recording, performing, & producing of 45+ songs & podcasts. Produced tracks for streaming services & game audio.

Sports & Activities Varsity Baseball (High School), Squash Club, Bowling Club, Counter Strike CSL NACE Starleague, Guitar & Music Production.