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Hello There

I am currently a student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute studying Computer Science, where I have participated in many software development teams and projects. For my contact information and resume, please click here. Keep scrolling to learn a little about me!

Weekend Web Projects

Once in a while when there's a new framework I want to try, or I have an idea in mind, I'll spend a weekend seeing how far I can get with the project. Here are some recent ones I've done!

Bowling Scorekeeper

An application to keep track of bowling scores!


Create and share surveys!

About Me

Computer Science

Studying computer science at WPI has been an incredible journey! I've had the opportunity to defuse binary bombs in assembly, teach agents to nagivate worlds, and design my own programs such as this website! Programming is a way for me to express my ideas and be creative in a unique and evolving manner.


Music Technology & Production

I love to discover and create new music. Whether I'm jamming with my friends or listening in solitude, I always enjoy the presence of music. I've been fortunate to continue my musical education in college. I've worked at a music summer camp, and even released a few of my own songs!



It all began here. I bought my first computer in order to play Minecraft without having to steal my mom's laptop. Messing around with that machine made me curious and inspired me to study Computer Science in college. My favorite games include the Witcher, Counter-Strike, Portal, Minecraft, and Battlefield



Another way for me to express my creativity! Learning guitar with my friends resulted in some of my fondest memories. My roommate recently started learning guitar which has boosted my inspiration to keep improving as well. In college I've played in a few bands including Mourning Routine and Emergency Stop.



Playing varsity baseball in high school was one of the most demanding and satisfying experiences I've had. Competition at that level forced me to approach problems differently. Training and preparing taught me that it takes a long time to develop skills. Now I play squash, golf and go bowling regularly.


Study Abroad - Lyon, France!

For my Interactive Qualifying Project at WPI, I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to Lyon, France, and work with an organization called SINGA! They work with migrants and refugees integrate them into host countries, such as France. We worked on SINGA Lyon's entrepreneurial incubation program, specifically how to incorporate the program's alumni. Read our report here.



I've recently gotten into bowling! I've built a small web app to keep track of my scores. I recently hit 257! Still chasing that 300.


Living in Massachussetts

College is the first time I've lived outside of New York. Luckily, the changes weren't too drastic (except the quality of pizza). Having roommates turned out to be a great experience and I can't imagine life without them!